About me

by Giorgia


My name is Giorgia Balestri, I’m mama to two little girls, wife, content creator and founder of Once Upon A Dream.

I live in Spring Hill, TN with my better half Andrea, and our two daughters Adelaide & Ginevra. I have always had a love for photography for as long as I can remember.

In 2012 I met my husband, and shortly after, I became a stay at home mom and decided to share my life on Instagram as a creative outlet.

When Adelaide’s born, my first daughter, I created my first blog Ninna Nanna Ninna – O (name of an Italian Nursery Rhymes), which was about my life as a mom.

The first blog is unforgettable, but lately I felt the need to talk about something else, about our new experience in the States, for example. Yes, in the meanwhile we decided to moving to Tennessee.

Once Upon A Dream is the name of my blog. Why did I choose this name? Because once upon a dream, the dream of creating a blog. The dream of having my own family. The dream of moving all together in the United States. My blog will talk about all this stages of my life.

Once Upon A Dream is online since April 2016. I felt the need to talk not just about the maternity so Ninna Nanna Ninna – O “it’s revived” under a new name and a new logo. Once Upon A Dream will treat lots of new arguments: American Life, Interviews, Home decor, Recipes and more.

Stories and pictures taken here, make this blog unique: as I bring the reader here in the States to know uses and costumes of the Tennessee.

Photo by Sara South Margin Photography .

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