About me

by Giorgia

Well, my name is Giorgia and I am almost 41. I live near Modena and I rarely left my country because I am so fucking afraid to take off!

Since few days ago, I felt a loser because I dreamed to have my own family I only met men that didn’t care about it. We might date for few months and then the usual phrase came out: “We are looking for something different…” I got the point where I thought that was my bad, practically I was the problem.

So I used to hang out (almost) every nights and have fun with (not that real) friends, but I wasn’t satisfied with my life at all, I felt like I missed something.

I used to have my apartment in the historical center and my own economic independence, which is good in this period of crisis, but back home no one was waiting for me.

During an ordinary day things changed.

I knew Andrea and was love at first sight.

Few months after we started to think about how beautiful would have been have a kid.

And another one.

Andrea was born in Carpi (Mo) and February, 13th 2016 he’s became my husband. He often fly for work and he’s not afraid at all! Right now he’s in the States.

Adelaide was born August, 25th 2013. She was born 34 weeks of gestation premature but fortunately she recovered very well!

Ginevra, our second child, was born June, 28th 2015. She started to crawl and every time she sees her sister her eyes light up. Even if she eats everything, she keeps being breastfeed.

Two years ago I created my first blog Ninna Nanna Ninna – O (name of an Italian Nursery Rhymes), which was about my life as a mom. The first blog is unforgettable, but lately I felt the need to talk about something else, about our new future experience in the States for exemple. Yes, in the meanwhile we decided to head our daddy to Nashville, Tennessee… Ops I’ll have to fly 😉

Once Upon A Dream is the name of my blog. Why did I choose this name? Because once upon a dream, the dream of creating a blog. The dream of having my own family. The dream of moving all together in the United States. My blog will talk about all this stages of my life.

Once Upon A Dream is online since April 2016. I felt the need to talk not just about the maternity so Ninna Nanna Ninna – O “it’s revived” under a new name and a new logo. Once Upon A Dream will treat lots of new arguments: American LifeInterviews and Recipes.

Stories and pictures taken here in Nashville, Tennessee make this blog unique: as I bring the reader here in the States to know uses and costumes of the Tennessee capital.

Here I am. Here we are and this is my blog. Enjoy the reading! 😉

Ph by The Nashville Photographer


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