We’ll to celebrate Thanksgiving Day with Masala Baby

by Giorgia

Thanksgiving Day is one my favorite time of year. Do you know why they chose this name? To thank God for what is been gave during the past year. Don’t you think is a nice meaning? I talked you about it in this my blog post Thanksgiving day is almost here! 

We love Thanksgiving, we love to spent time with our family and with our friends, so… this Thanksgiving Day we’ll to celebrate with Masala Baby.

Ma-sa-la: the Hindi term is used to describe something that comprises a varied mixture of elements.

Adelaide's dress from Masala Baby

Masala Baby was started in 2009 in Brooklyn, New York to fill the void in the kids marketplace for a globally inspired socially conscious children’s brand. It is a socially conscious company that works with committed artisan groups all across India. “Hand-crafted, women-crafted, artisanal and ethical”. I appreciate it !!!

How are we preparing for Thanksgiving Day?

The weeks leading up to Thanksgiving Day, we will prepare for the holiday by reading books at school, baking treats for friends and decorating our house. I love the smell of cinnamon, it’s so good 😉 Thanksgiving Day morning we will watch on Tv the Macy’s parade in New York city, while we will bake turkey… we can’t wait!!!

Adelaide and Ginevra will be wearing their dress from Masala Baby ’s

For Adelaide and Ginevra’s outfits, they will wear the dress by Masala Baby’s Organic Layla Dress Pointe Metallic Multi from Jolie collection.

This dress is made with breathable 100% organic doubleweave muslin, will keep your little one both stylish and comfortable whether at home or out and about. The multi-colored pointe print features subtle metallic gold pigment, has a buttons on the back and a-line cold-shoulder dress.

Masala Baby’s collections are filled with approachable styles and fabrics that combine rich cultural indian influences with a contemporary aesthetic. Their holiday dresses and prints are kid friendly with touches of sparkle and flair, perfect for my little girls.

Post in collaboration with  Masala Baby, but all opinions expressed are my own.

Ph by South Margin Photography.

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