What to give to your children for Christmas: 10 ideas for a special gift

by Giorgia

It’s officially started the countdown for Christmas. Time flies, right??

Seems yesterday that I was playing with my girls on the beach… and now we need to think about Christmas presents!

Do you already have an idea to what give to your child?

For now, the girls didn’t have any request, so I thought to make a wish list with at least 10 ideas for a special gift 😉

I thought to make a wish list with at least 10 ideas for a special gift .

I start the list with ELLY LU Organics toys. All Elly Lu products are made with GOTS and OCS material in certificated organic cotton, filled up with biologic buckwheat hulls and died with dies approved by GOTS. The buckwheat hulls have been carefully cleaned up to remove residue of wheat: are gluten and wheat free and hypoallergenic. Elly Lu toys are tested to satisfy the highest standards of quality and safety and are made also for little ones 0+ years old. Another interesting thing about these toys is that, for every toy that you buy, it will be donate $1 and sold it to non-profit organizations that support children and animal all over the world.

Carrie, the creator of THE KINDERGARTEN TOOLKIT, tells us that after her experience as a teacher in a preschool she became mother of three wonderful children. She couldn’t wait for them to start Kindergarten, so she made a list with the academic goals that would have helped them to get into Kindergarten. Toolkit was a success in the preparation of her children to preschool. Carrie decided to make The Kindergarten Toolkit with the same tools, instructions and mini-lessons that used for her sons. What’s inside this kit? The toolkit booklet focuses in 10 main Kindergarten goals. There are 3-4 mini lessons for each of the 10 goals. Four sets of flashcards: Upper and lower-case letters, Numbers 1-20, 25 Kindergarten sight words, 10 colors and shapes. Also included is a whiteboard, pen and eraser to use with assessments and lessons. As well as a piece of sidewalk chalk for outdoor learning. Happy Learning!”

2 idea of 10 ideas for a special gift : The Kindergarten Toolkit.

During rainy days it’s impossible get out the house. My girls love watching cartoons in cozy and warm… I don’t blame them! In this wish list couldn’t miss the Mermaid Tail Blanket for kids by BLANKIE TAILS. The blanket is made with premium quality, extra plush, mink fabric. The unique design let kids climb inside (like a sleeping bad without the bulk) and put their feet all the way into the gorgeous sewn tail. My daughters love it!

3 idea of 10 ideas for a special gift : Mermaid Tail Blanket for kids by BLANKIE TAILS.

The blanket is made with premium quality, extra plush, mink fabric.

Have you ever heard of LOTTIE Dolls? Do you know why they’re so special? Because are kids themselves to project the dolls, clothes and accessories (click here). I’ve been impressed by Team Lottie’s mission: “We recognize how precious childhood is. And in the face of growing pressure – from a variety of sources – how short it can be. We dream of a safe and uncomplicated place where kids can be kids, where the great outdoors is there for the exploring, where curiosity-led discoveries are a daily occurrence, where the imagination can run wild and where the only limit is bedtime. Our vision, when we first created Lottie, was to develop a range of dolls that would empower children to be them-selves, to be imaginative and adventurous and – most of all – to have fun. We believe that childhood should be an inclusive place where every child belongs regardless of gender, ethnicity or ability. And we’ve made it our mission to do our bit – no matter how small – to protect childhood.” Adelaide adopted Muddy Puddles Lottie Doll and Ginevra is best friend with Forest Friend Lottie Doll.

For a classic a quick gift, an original idea can be a wood puzzle personalized with the name of the child by SMILING TREE TOYS. The SPELL WELL NAME PUZZLE™ are in maple wood, with darker walnut shades: those puzzles are unique because when the baby gets older will be able to spell the name, just like Adelaide is doing!

5 idea of 10 ideas for a special gift : SPELL WELL NAME PUZZLE™

How many times did I find my make up bag open? Fortunately there’s LITTLE COSMETICS that invented the innovative fake make up. Little Cosmetics have bright shades and realistic texture, but don’t get everything dirty, for the happiness of the mother! Through realistic experience, the fake make up by Little Cosmetic encourages imagination and creative development. Is the ideal gift for girls that love to play with mom’s make up and the perfect solution for moms that don’t want to paint the face of their daughters.

6 idea of 10 ideas for a special gift : Little Cosmetics.

My girls are in love with puppets! You know how many stories you can make up? Being part of puppets plays, develop motor skills and imagination pf children. Puppets are a strong educative way and can be a useful tool for parents as well: is a funny and effective way to show good behavior. CATE & LEVI Collection is handcrafted in Toronto, Canada by high quality recyclable materials. There are the hand puppets in regenerated wool or hand puppets in stacks whose ecological fabric is composed mostly of water bottles in recycled plastic. We chose Unicorn Softy Puppet!

Another gift idea that helps to stimulate kids imagination is CAMP CASTLE. Camp Castle are mat games and you can choose between 5 beautiful pictures: Classic City Play Mat, Lone Star Play Mat, Race Track Play Mat, Medium Rainbow Land Play Mat and Farm Play Mat. Haley, the creator, is mother of two and she thought to use her experience in graphic design to create durable, easy to clean, nice to see, funny mats! Children will have fun using their own toys, cars and trains on it. My daughters play on Medium Rainbow Land Play Mat with characters from the movie Trolls: so much fun! 😉

LITTLE SAPLING TOYS have an easy design, nice and made with hard sustainable woods from north American. It is paint or dies free. it’s easy to get different colors using different woods: maple (light wood), cherry (red tones) and walnut (dark). Little Sapling Toys are made of local bee wax and biological jojoba oil to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. The boxes are recycled and recyclable as well. For every toy sold, it will be plant a tree through a extraordinary program, Trees for the Future! If you want to know more about it, visit the website http://www.treesforthefuture.org/.

10 idea of 10 ideas for a special gift : London Littles.

Last gift idea, but not least: rainy boots by LONDON LITTLES. It’s true that kids love playing with games and toys, but nothing compared to play in puddles just like Peppa Pig!

Hopefully I suggested 10 ideas for a special gift for Christmas. Enjoy your shopping!

PH by Giorgia Balestri © 2017 once upon a dream

Post translated by Alice Perego.

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