What to give to a Man: 5 ideas for a special gift

by Giorgia

We are usually worried about what to give to our children for their birthday, for the end of school, for name-day etc etc.

We always try to find the perfect gift for our best friend, for our mom or sister. We try to get every possible signal.

What if is about us? Well, we just make a wish list. Every occasion is good to give or get the perfect gift!

But who’s gonna think about our husbands, fiancés or boyfriends? They’ll need a special gift too, don’t you think?

I usually find myself without any good ideas. This is why I thought to make a list with at least 5 ideas for a special gift for him.

I usually find myself without any good ideas. This is why I thought to make a list with at least 5 ideas for a special gift for him.

Let’s start with the Multifunctional Razor Wet&Dry Panasonic. My husband likes to keep his beard not too long so he needs to trim it often. Kit Panasonic ER – GY 10 can be used for the cure of the beard, hair, facial hair and body hair with dry or wet skin. The razor is wireless and rechargeable so you can be free in your movements. It comes with the base and the combs holder. The quality of the razor is essential and Panasonic offers a variety of products for every requirement.

Wristwatch. Wristwatch is an elegant and crucial accessory. If you want to surprise him, I suggest JORD Wood Watches. I never separate myself from my JORD. It’s unique and matches with every outfits. If you want to take a look to some man models click here. I remind you that until midnight of August 27th you can win a $100 voucher if you buy a JORD Wood Watchers. What are you waiting for? Click here to take part of the GIVEAWAY.

5 ideas for a special gift for him: JORD Wood Watches

Custom iphone case and notebook are also original ideas. I found lot of cases on this website CaseApp.com. I fell in love with the fantasy Anchor by Isabelle Norman Sallstrom. The anchor, as you know, stands for the safety give it from the land, the stability, the still point give it from family and friends. One more reason to choose it as brand to bring always with you.

5 ideas for a special gift for him: cellular cover by CaseApp

Care and beauty products. If your husband doesn’t have time to go to the Spa, why don’t buy him all he needs like bath salts and extremely delicate body wash? Everything extremely biological! I chose skincare products genuinely biological by Erbaviva. The organic formulas are safe, nutrient and help restore the natural balance of the skin with antioxidants and nutrients based on plants. All the texture, aromas and nutritional properties are formulated with care for your body, soul and skin.

5 ideas for a special gift for him: Erbaviva care and beauty products

For my husband, I thought about Relax Bath Salt, a premium quality combination of sea salt and organic essential lavender, rose and neroli oil with calming proprieties for your mind and body. Ideal for a warm bath at the end of the day. If in a hurry, there’s Relax Body Wash. Relax Body Wash washes your skin with its light and creamy foam, with free sulphates and heavy additives.

Here in USA is common give gift cards from the store where you usually shop. It’s a really good solution for who doesn’t have gift ideas. My husband would love it for sure, especially if it’s a gift card from Starbucks 😉 Anyway, every store has gift cards right next to the cashier.

Hopefully I suggested you 5 ideas for a special gift for your man. Have fun shopping!

Post translated by Alice Perego

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