My life on Tennessee roads

by Giorgia

Here’s, just for you, the new TV show ON TENNESSEE ROADS .

The TV show talks about the everyday stories of Giorgia Balestri’s life dealing with Nashville, Brentwood and Franklin’s streets with her super Beetle 2.5 flaming red car.

I like dream up a lot, if it wasn’t clear!!

Since I got the American driver license and I got a car I spend most of my time on the Tennessee roads.

As I told you other times, if you don’t have a car here, you are cutting out from the world. For everything you need to drive and drive.

How’s driving in Tennessee?

I like it, even if at the beginning drive on these wide roads with lots of lanes got me nervous. I was terrorized. My hands were sweaty, the steering wheel seemed so hot. I was so nervous. And Ginevra used to cry…

On Tennessee roads

I don’t hide that the first time that I drove in Tennessee, I asked myself: “And now?? What the f**k am I supposed to do?!?

Besides being huge, Tennessee’s roads are up and down as well, between the green of the forest. During this season the landscape is breathtaking. Leaves on trees are about to be yellow and red. Is a sight for sore eyes.

Ok, the landscape is outstanding, also the colors of the nature and bla bla bla… but what’s the difference between drive on Tennessee roads and Italian roads?

Let’s start from the beginning. Most of the cars are automatic. I guarantee that it’s cool drive an automatic car. It’s a way easier and you’ll deeply love it.

Moreover, there are so many car models that you can’t even imagine. However most of Americans prefer large sedans.

In Nashville, pick-up vehicles are the most common. Huge engine capacities and 22 inches wheel rims. My red Beetle looks like a bug compared to them.

It is not prohibited drive with the phone, even if I don’t like it. If I have to use it, I try to do it while I’m waiting at the traffic light.

When school bus’s light starts to flash, because need to pick up or drop off kids, you must STOP even if you’re driving in the opposite side. Children’s safety before everything!

After this, in my opinion drive on Tennessee roads can be also frustrating. The majority of motorists like zigzagging between a car and another. For avoid stress I decided that the rightest lane is my favorite one 😉

I noticed another negative thing: lots of people go even if the traffic light is red. It’s true that there are endless traffic lights, it’s true that during rush hours you can be stuck in traffic for a long time but go with red lights is unlike.

Oh I almost forget, here in Tennessee, if you need to turn right and the traffic light is red you can turn if there are no signs that say the opposite. You need to stop and then if there’s no one coming, you can turn.

This rule isn’t in my head yet. Sometimes I remember it, sometimes not. It’s not bad though, in the mean while I will get some honking.

When Tennessee roads are free (rarely) it’s a pleasure to drive!

It’s true that all this hugeness make you want to push the accelerator. Another thing that I hate.

Happen sometimes to hear persons that put up themselves because don’t respect the speed limits. Well, I’d like to tell you from the deep of my heart that you’re a big dumbass.

Do you know what I like to do while I’m at the traffic light waiting for the green?

First, I like sing radio’s songs. Then (I do outing), I like watch people in the cars and what they do. I have to come up with something for kill the time!

Someone takes off boogers from the nose.

Someone sings out loud his favorites rock song, sip Coke and burps.

If you turn you can see an Afro-American girl that gesticulates while is talking at the phone…

At the end people here are not that different from Italian!

Traslated by Alice Perego.


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