Style advice with Enzo Miccio

by Giorgia

He makes every event a success.

He is the icon of style and elegance par excellence.

He has consolidated in Italy the figure of the Wedding & Event Planner.

Who am I talking about? Enzo Miccio, a name and a guarantee in terms of etiquette feminine and why not, even masculine.

Have the chance to interview Enzo Miccio , for me as a fan of his from times gone by, it’s a dream come true! Are you ready for His valuable advice?

Have the chance to interview Enzo Miccio, for me as a fan of his from times gone by, it's a dream come true! Are you ready for His valuable advice?

Interview Enzo Miccio :

Dear Enzo I speak up: since I became a mother I left decollate heels 10 for more comfortable shoes (I imagine the disapproving expression on your face)! How can a mother with little children combining comfort and fashion?

E. It’s a pretty tough question because I realize asking you mothers to wear 12cm heels all day long is an arduous and not very practical challenge, especially if you’ll need to take your beautiful children around big cities.

It is equally true that you certainly cannot think to wear sneakers forever.

Remember that there are colorful wedges for summer, black flats that work as pass par tout in all seasons and do not forget the biker and boots. All of them very comfortable shoes, which you can have easily and especially are fashion.

In addition, an advice I would give to all of you is to do not forget that besides being mothers, you are also beautiful women and as such you will need to consider. Never miss the chance to make your makeup again, wear your favorite skirt or that wonderful blouse that you hold now sub key because you’re afraid it doesn’t fit you anymore.

Can you recommend an outfit suited to hide few extra pounds?

E. First, let me say that the curvy woman will never go out of fashion…

What is certain is that we must learn how to enhance our figure and very often curvy women are frightened by few extra pounds on the scale and to hide their figure they tend to buy clothes of some larger size.

Nothing more wrong, indeed the risk is to look even more round!

The first rule to follow is always buy the right size and I recommend you to look more on dressesΒ instead of on complete suits.

My second advice is to avoid patterns: lot of prints have the power to weigh down the figure.

Which cloth or accessory passe-partout should never miss in a woman’s closet?

E. Absolutely the sheath dress. It conforms to every occasion: job interview, a cocktail with friends, and a fancy meeting and everyone can personalize it with an accessory that best can represent you so your outfits will always represent you best.

You introduced the figure of the Wedding Planner in Italy and recently established the “Enzo Miccio Academy” where courses on Wedding and Events, Fashion and Image have been imparted.

The Enzo Miccio Academy was established in 2009 when, in response to many requests received on how could someone become a wedding planner or how to enhance its image, I decided to open a school that could offer highly qualified training courses to those that work in the organization of events or planning to work in this field.

The principle upon which my Academy is that to become a wedding planner is not enough to just have passion, but it must follow the will of studying, training and keep up to date.

Of course, in addition to training, it is important the so-called learn by doing and it is this one that can most form everyone because it can deal with all the organizational complexity of a wedding or any other event.

Three advice for a perfect wedding?

E. First of all, pay attention to the guests: it is true that a wedding is a festive day for the bride and groom, but your happiness will depend at the same time on the satisfaction that your guests will have being part of the event.

So, remember: don’t stress them too much and make them have fun! Let’s ban endless banquets that will eventually weigh down and bored guests and bride and groom.

Predispose an entertainment program with music, dancing and performances and you will see that the classic and feared moment in which the guests run away after the cutting of the cake will be a problem to you unknown.

Second advice: do it in well advance! To organize a very good event, from 8 to 12 months are needed in which you should also think about plans b, c and d. Hasn’t your partner not yet declared? Well in that case, incite him/her… Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Third advice: don’t exaggerate in something neglecting something else. There must be a perfect balance between all the components for the event will be remembered for all and not just because the food was plentiful and the dress was perfect. The trick is to measure out all without miss anything.

Three things to avoid at a wedding?

E. In fact, there is only one important thing and that is to overdo it, common mistake.

We get married once in a lifetime (hopefully) and rightly each couple would want their wedding day as a memorable event, and above all “rich”, with the risk then there are endless lunches, musical concerts and that’s why guests can get bored.

The keyword for your entire event will be sobriety accompanied of course by his better half … Good taste.

Me and my partner would love to tie the second knot: what outfit will you recommend us for a civil ceremony?

E. Congratulations! There’s nothing more romantic than tie the knot for the second time! Of course, the dark blue suit is a must have for the groom. For the bride, instead I recommend a short dress or a sheath dress embellished with a hair jewelry.

Recently I read that in Italy there is a tendency to celebrate weddings on the beach. What types of dresses as bride and groom are better?

E. Get married by the sea is a very original and romantic idea and allows also you to organize informal and fun wedding party, suitable for a younger audience and not.

For a wedding of this type I suggest you a wedding dress that is not only in harmony with your silhouette and personality, but it needs to have soft and simple lines: avoid the ball gown, it would be impractical with all those ruffles, opt instead for a line siren…

And if you like to dare wear short dress! And do not forget the jewel sandals to wear immediately after cutting the cake to boogie to your wedding party!

Can you anticipate what the new trends in 2016 will be like?

E. Without a doubt, we will see the return of the Bride as “princess”, so the ball gown dress will come back to the forefront and among the most common materials we will find the tulle lace and organza.

The romantic dress will be accompanied by a long traditional veil with handmade embroideries.

Obviously, I also was inspired by 2016 new trends to achieve Le jardin suspendu, the new collection of Enzo Miccio Bridal Collection consisting of 14 wonderful and romantic wedding dress inspired by nature, romance and ethereal beauty.

What do you like most about your job?

E. The friendly relationship that is created with the customers is one of the most special and significant aspects of the job of a wedding planner.

The priorities of those organizing weddings is coordinating suppliers and their staff, as well as curate the spectacular aspects and all the details to offer a quality service.

But it is also true that to do so you need to understand what the bride and groom want, so you have to know them and build an important feeling and inevitably creates a very confidential relationship and friendship.

After you set up the Enzo Miccio Academy, after taking part in television and radio programs, having written books. Do you have some other dream?

E. I am very satisfied of my professional life, but I remain of the idea that life can and must continually work to improve personal skills and expand the views…

I would like to compare myself with a world different from Western ones to be able to merge creativity and Italian good taste with the customs and traditions of distant countries.

I made these advices mine and I planned my second marriage of elegance and simplicity.

I will not conceal that it was a success! Thanks, Enzo Miccio.

You will find this interview also onΒ www.paroladimamma.netΒ 

Traslated by Alice Perego.

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