by Giorgia

In Nashville school starts in August. So soon, y’all say. Yes, in Tennessee schools end in May and start in August.

Soon Adelaide will start the preschool, but first she needs all the vaccines required. My kids will be vaccinated also in Tennessee.

Soon Adelaide will start the preschool, but first she needs all the vaccines required. My kids will be vaccinated also in Tennessee.

Here in Nashville if you don’t vaccine your kids, won’t be able to attend preschool, elementary school etc etc… And College would be just a dream!

When you fill up the admission registration for every school, is necessary enclose the Certificate of Immunization. Without that you can do anything.

“How radicals are these Americans? You’ll say. They may be, but I think in the same way as they do.

During this first month, I looked around, I “studied” the new surrounding. Here most families have 3, 4 or more kids. Nashvillians love big families. Nashvillians love be around kids, vaccinated kids.

For me is a real positive thing. Although I’m not talking about the large amount of money that pharmaceutical companies get from this.

We are talking about medical health. We are talking about health in a community.

During these days I read discouraging news from Italy. Two cases of fulminant meningitis. Two young lives broken. My thoughts go to the parents, friends and relatives.

I pray that things can change as soon as possible in Italy, because we’re tired to hear this kind of news!!

Are several months that I follow Roberto Burioni on Facebook, he’s a virology and microbiology teacher specialized in clinical immunology. Really, someone that knows what he’s about, not a quack doctor.

Commenting the recent events, Dr. Brurioni said:

“Just reiterate for the million time that the best way to protect adults from meningococcus is IMMUNIZE EVERY KIDS. In the UK since the end of ’90 every kids have been immunized (is not mandatory, but it is clear that people against vaccinations are less than in Italy) and there are no more cases among kids or adults.

This fact, that immunized kids you can defend adults, is the answer to the phrase said by idiots against the vaccines “if I don’t get my child immunized is my problem, what does it matter?” It does, because if you dumbass don’t get your child immunized also me and all the other adults can get the meningitis. It would be a minimum risk if everyone gets immunized their kids…”

This advice is valid for every mandatory vaccines and the recommended one in Italy.

For don’t get wrong, I do immunize my kids.

PH by Giorgia Balestri © 2016 Once Upon A Dream

Traslated by Alice Perego.


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