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Few days ago Ginevra turned 13 months. It’s 13 months that I’m breastfeeding her. Lot of joy but also lot of sacrifice, especially during the night: it has been 13 months that I’m not sleeping more than 3 hours in a row.

Ginevra eats everything. Since the sixth month she started to taste everything, not only the classical weaning with creams and baby food. I liked the idea that she could sit at the table with us and taste our food, in order to see her first impressions.

Nonetheless she kept sucking the breasts during the day and also during night time.

Few days ago Ginevra turned 13 months. It's 13 months that I'm breastfeeding her. Lot of joy but also lot of sacrifice, especially during the night: it has been 13 months that I'm not sleeping more than 3 hours in a row.

Usually Ginevra gets to the breast when she is tired, wants to sleep, when she’s not feeling good and has fever. It happens that she keeps sucking from the breast and keeps sticking with me all of the day. She’s my little monkey. I love to call her like that.

Ginevra has always been a high contact child.

I remember her first days of life: she couldn’t stay in the crib or in the stroller. She used to get out with the swaddling blanket or the baby carrier.

Growing up, she learned how wonderful it was to look herself around. Ginevra is a curious child. Doing it, she started to appreciate the stroller. My back is way grateful.

As soon as she was seven months old, I tried to introduce her the baby bottle and the pacifier, but with not good results.

I wanted to spend some time for myself, especially because at that time I was planning the wedding. Nothing to do. The last dress that I tried I cried, because the baby wanted MY BREASTS.

I’m talking about breastfeeding after one year of life, because since the first to the seventh of August is the World Breastfeeding Week’s celebration.

The 2016 #wbw main subject is about the connected awareness between breastfeeding and sustainable development. Since breastfeeding is the key to sustainable development, we appreciate our well-being from the beginning of life, we respect one another and we care about the world we’re sharing.

Breastfeeding is not only the basis of the child’s healthy development, but it’s also the foundation of a country’s development.

I still can’t understand how I did it. My first breastfeeding’s experience ended after just 2 months.

Even during this long period of time, anything has always been good. I actually asked for help to an SOS Mama’s association, that’s why I wrote this postΒ https://onceuponadream.it/se-non-sai-cosa-lancia-sos/

Anyway I can’t complain at all: apart from the first few days of discomfort, when I attacked the baby to the breast, I never had sore nipples, mastitis, traffic jams or clogged ducts (now I brought bad luck to me, I know…)

Having said that, I know I could keep breastfeeding, but frankly I feel the need to stop it slowly, even if it will be hard, because Ginevra doesn’t agree, of course.

I need to take control of my life, get back in shape. I don’t recognize my body as it is anymore! I also need my period because my hormones are in turmoil. I’ve never thought I could say something like that!!

I need to follow Adelaide more as well, because she will start preschool very soon and she’s still not ready to leave the diaper and use the patty. During these 13 months she has been so good, but I can feel that she’s jealous to see me always holding her sister. Adelaide is just 3 years old and she needs lots of consideration. It’s true.

I’m not feeling guilty at all, I think I did a great job, but as everything else, it’s time to turn page and go on <3

Now I would love to hear your experience. Have you ever breastfed your kids or not? How did you act after your first child’s year?

PH by Giorgia Balestri Β© 2016 Once Upon A Dream

Traslated by Alice Perego.


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